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Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.

Professional Development Programs

Looking to Provide Valuable Content to your development days?

We offer a wide array of topics for development days. We know it may be challenging to get buy in from your staff to attend and participate. Our Facilitation's are educational, entertaining and inclusive. Our goal is to provide usable information for each individual. To make their jobs easier, more enjoyable, and thus rewarding.

What a facilitation would consist of.

We offer half-day sessions. We meet with the group for a one hour, interactive session in the AM. Following the group session, we give an exercise for the group to complete in the next hour. We then meet again to review and discuss as a group. Program content would be made with the Key Decision Makers. The goal is that the participants walk away with new skills that they can implement immediately. Total Time - 4 hours

Become IGM Certified - Train the Trainer

Become certified to deliver the content within your organization.

A 12 week program that will when completed will allow you the skills to deliver IGM content to your students in the classroom. We recommend this training to several members of the staff to be able to support each other and others. It is based upon one of our signature programs called Success Strategies.

the Why and the benefits.

When you are trained to deliver this content you can enhance the culture, eliminate ignorance around mental health stigmas, and improve trust, respect and performance. When participants have completed the training they can gain access to the library of IGM online courses to deliver to students, parents, and staff. This is a great program to impact your community.

Parent Support Programs

Parental Education is critical as we all are working to give the children what they need

Often issues of the child can be resolved in working with the parents and teachers to learn about best practices and developing solutions both parties can use to assist the child in their learning.

Our Courses

In this group of courses, we discuss the following topics. Creating a safe environment, Assessing Behaviour, Being Trauma-Informed, and Managing Expectations. The courses are delivered where the participants are enrolled in the online learning platform and at the completion of each lesson in the course at meeting the IGm Facilitators occurs to strengthen the understanding of the teachings.

Student Curriculum

Social and Emotional Learning Programs

I Got Mind has been working within schools and guiding students since 2010. The course content addresses items such as Focus, Attitude, Goal Setting, Habits, Work Ethic, and Self-Identification.

Delivery of COntent.

All sessions are held via Zoom. They can be designed to fit class time schedules and is suitable for grades 6 up to University. We have seen a significant improvement in the areas of personal confidence, being a better teammate, and individual behaviour. The students would participate in the online course curriculum and review the content with IGM Facilitators weekly for the duration of the course.

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Meet the Professionals of the IGM Team

Dean Sawatzky

30 Year Educator, Coach, Mentor

Dean has worn many hats in the education system. He has been an athletic director, coach, teacher, organizer, program developer and more. His experience is invaluable and his attitude is very contagious.

Shari Gebhard

30 year educator, coach, community leader

Shari has developed programs that helped students struggling with mental health, addictions and behaviours. She has served as an Athletic Director, mother of two, former CIS athlete. One of her highlights at Thom Collegiate was developing and teaching in the Thom’s Achievement Center. (TAC). TAC was a program for at risk students of whom had sporadic to non-existent attendance and experienced mental health and family issues.

Shawn O'Grady

Director of the Pre-Adolescent Treatment Center of Hull Services

Shawn has his Masters in social work and leads a team of individuals that rehabilitate youth who have experienced severe trauma. He is trained in the Neurosequential Model of Trauma by Dr. Bruce Perry. Shawn works with many groups related to education in the indigenous community and is a passionate individual whose life's work is invaluable to the IGM team.

Caitlin Watters

Register Psychologist Specializing in Education

Caitlin has been a valuable addition to the IGM team. Her experience in childhood trauma sheds light on some of the major issues within students and school. Her expertise in behaviour and evaluations provides insights that prove to be productive and effective. The work she has done with educators and parents in helping them understand and meet the needs of children is exceptional.

Testimonials from actual students

The improvements they see