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What you can expect in this course

Communication is a very important skill to understand. It can create or destroy. It can bring clarity or confusion. It is something everyone does, but few take responsibility for. It should come with greater responsibility than it does.

In this course we will take a look at what communication is and the power it holds. We will shed light on the different forms, and help you understand why it can be so frustrating.

In order to get what you want as we stated in the goal setting lesson, now you must develop the communication skills to help you do that. This means you have to learn to set boundaries, expectations and how to truly listen.

This is a powerful course that will raise your awareness of how you communicate, how you carry yourself and how you ultimately can get better results with your new skills.

Please, as always, take this seriously, for it can relieve you of many things that you deal with in your life. It can lift you over obstacles that have stopped you in the past and create a much better future.

Learning Objectives :

To create understanding of the forms of communication

To help the students see the power of their words

To show the difference between hearing and listening

To provide tips, tricks and tools to become a master communicator

Lesson 1 – Introduction

This introduction to communication will give you some ideas of how communication has impacted your life. We do it through some humor, but the points in the assignment will take you to places you must become aware of.


Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.


Lesson 2 – What is communication

This lesson will introduce you to the forms of communciation. It is understanding that allows us to reach mastery. It is about learning new skills, practicing those skills to the point that they improve your results.


In the last analysis, what we are communicates far more eloquently than anything we say or do.

Stephen Covey

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Lesson 3 – Time to create order

This lesson will help you begin to learn the importance of creating pictures. For it is the pictures that we have in our mind that determine how we listen, how we fomulate our words and will always determine the results that we see.

It is about understanding and skill building to eliminate the required chaos. Learning is taking chaos and creating order, over and over again.

Take advantage of every opportunity to practice your communication skills so that when important occasions arise, you will have the gift, the style, the sharpness, the clarity, and the emotions to affect other people.
Jim Rohn

The Word

Lesson 4- The Word

Our Word is how we see ourselves. It has significant impact on those around us and ourselves. If we talk poorly about or to others, it is often because of something that we are struggling with.

When we share our Word, we share our outlook, our persepctive, our experience. When we get control of our thoughts, only then will we have control of our words.

Words – so innocent and powerless as they are, as standing in a dictionary, how potent for good and evil they become in the hands of one who knows how to combine them.

Nathaniel Hawthorne

Preparing to Adapt

Lesson 5 – Skill building time

Thinking before speaking is a great skill. We have been taught to use words, to structure them so people understand. However, we are not taught HOW to think first.

We want our voices heard and in doing so, often we just open our mouths and words come flying out. Like our thoughts, our words can appear chaotic and confusing. When we can take a second, group the thoughts, we have no problem being responsible for our words.

Apologizing for not being responsible with your words will not be tolerated the more you do it. Be mindful before you speak.

The game of life is a game of boomerangs. Our thoughts, deeds and words return to us sooner or later with astounding accuracy.

Florence Scovel Shinn

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