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Please read thoroughly to choose the correct service you would like to book. When you book a meeting, it will automatically create a Zoom link to join the meeting and you will receive confirmation of the booking.

1-1 Meeting with Bob Wilkie  –  Book a free 1-on-1 meeting with Bob today and find out how I Got Mind can support you, your family, team, or organization. 

IGM Introduction Discussion  –  If you want to learn more about how IGM can support your organization please book at time with the sales team. It is a great opportunity to learn about all of the programs we have developed. 

IGM Mental Health in the Workplace  –  This booking is for groups who have purchased the Mental Health in the Workplace programming. Please book the number of sessions you were directed to by the sales person. (ex. Introducing stress is 3 events.) We ask that you book the events one week apart as this is how we implement and deliver the programs.

1-on-1 Success Strategies Coaching Session  –  This is for individuals who have purchased the Success Strategies Membership and are participating in the Success Strategies program only. Please choose the appropriate session and book all of the events required.

Sports Group Facilitation  –  This is for all sports organizations who have purchased a program for their members. Please book a time that works for your group. Please check the event that you are booking. ex. kickoff meeting. Each event has a number of sessions to book. Please book all sessions that are required in a program. ex. Introducing stress is two sessions so you will be required to book two meetings. Once you have booked one meeting and you are directed to the confirmation page, you have the option to book another event. Please make sure you have booked all sessions.