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I Got Mind Newsletter May 2021

Mental Minute

The Transition Game: Week 5

Welcome back! Since I last wrote I have had another facilitator meeting, finished “Attitude Determines your Altitude” in my workbook and began some of the

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Meet the team Facilitator Spotlight

Cait Watters

IGM Facilitator and Psychologist

Cait is our in-house Psychologist with an extensive background in child development. She is a mother of two and a former elite athlete.

Uncommon Sense with Bob Wilkie

Candid conversations about common challenges in Business, Sport, Education, and Life. Featuring our in-house experts as well as special guests.

Tune in to our live streams and ask questions! Each segment, Business, Education, Sport, Coaches, and Parents will have one dedicated episode every month.

Want to learn more about Uncommon Sense with Bob Wilkie? Watch the recording from our soft launch on our Facebook Page.

Featured Course

Introducing Stress

In this valuable course we will be discussing the issues we have and the roles we play.

There are many aspects in each role and some we like, some we do not. It is about learning how to be adaptable in all the roles and understand that each role we play, allows us to develop and strengthen our mental skill set.

Learning Objectives :

To assist the student in understanding the issues within all of the roles they play in their lives

To shed light for the students on the importance of playing each role in their lives to the best of their ability

To create understanding that many of the issues they experience in their lives is from not playing their role well

To take the student through a self evaluation of strengths and weaknesses

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